OpenACN Documentation

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OpenACN documentation is a work in progress.

Documentation is generated from docbook sources which are included in the openACN source tree. PDF or other formats may also be generated.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
Downloading Sources
Configuring, Adapting and Building OpenACN
Feed Back your Fixes and Improvements
2. Building and Using openACN
Setting Up A Build Directory
Other Target Specific Directories
Configuring OpenACN for your System and Application
Building Using Make
Building Using Integrated Development Environments
Building openACN
Configuration and Customization
Compile Time Options
3. Guidance for Developers
Coding Conventions
Source formatting
Source Organization
Naming of Header Files

List of Examples

1.1. Checking out the source
1.2. Updating your source
2.1. Building the code
2.2. Defining config options in user_opt.h
2.3. Testing options in C code Logo