Open ACN Project

The aim of the project is to generate an Open-source implementation of the ACN protocols to benefit the entire entertainment technology industry. Contributors are sought who are prepared to donate resources to this valuable initiative.

The ACN standard “ANSI E1.17 -2006 Architecture for Control Networks” is an open standard for control of devices on a network. Aimed at entertainment technology applications it was developed by the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA). For more information please refer to ESTA's Control Protocols Working Group. Some more information is also available here.


Documentation in HTML format is generated from the Docbook sources which are part of the openACN project and are included in the source tree. There is also some documentation on the openACN wiki.

Getting the Source Code

Open ACN is hosted at SourceForge where the up-to-date developing source code is maintained using the Subversion (SVN) version control system. The code is in active development and latest sources are freely downloadable with any SVN client or can be browsed directly at SourceForge. More information on using SVN and sourceforge is here.


OpenACN sources are subject to a new BSD licence.

Contributing to OpenACN

OpenACN needs contributions of money and resources. Initial work was undertaken following a Phase 1 proposal. Further contributions will extend this work. Please contact Philip Nye if you wish to contribute or want further information.

Mailing Lists, Forums and Blogs

Bill Florac's OpenACN blog – Bill is one of the principal OpenACN developers.

Help Forum at Sourceforge

Open Discussion Forum at Sourceforge